Virtual appointments are completed through Zoom or Face Time


$30 per look

Are you a boutique owner trying to boost your sales? Digital lookbooks are a great low cost way to show your clients how to style your store items. Digital Lookbooks includes:

  • A full digital outfit created by the stylist featuring any store items of your choice  

  • Your logo and store name is included on the final product view example here

  • You can pay for at most 5 in advance *please specify the dates you need them by* visit our FAQ page for more info 



$60 for The First Hour and $10 an Hour Afterwards

Have you accumulated a lot of clothes over time? Do you find yourself forgetting what you have in your closet and end up buying the same thing twice? It's time for your closet to be organized sis. Closet organization includes:

  • Grouping your clothes together by color, pattern, season, or function

  • Suggest possible products that will help you keep your closet organized

  • Tips to help you get rid of unwanted items  visit our FAQ page for more info