Hello! My name is Reagan Campbell and I am the creator of C Suite Styling. I was born in Southeast District of Columbia (DC) and raised in both DC and PG County Maryland. I am a 2014 Bowie High School graduate and a 2018 Penn State graduate. I am a lover of all animals (especially cats), an avid recycler, composter, and gardener; and forever an advocate for the economical and financial advancement of black women. My styling service is dedicated to advancing black women into positions of power.


 There is something about a black woman in business attire! I've always felt like women looked powerful in suits. My passion started when I was in 5th grade. Unfortunately, I had a wardrobe malfunction during my 5th grade graduation and my mom had to bring me what she thought I could fit from her closet.

To this day I am grateful because that khaki two-piece skirt set changed my life forever. As I got older, I noticed my confidence would boost whenever I would put myself together for an interview or a business formal event. However, I noticed my peers didn’t  feel the same way. People would express to me how they felt constrained and stiff in business attire. This is when I first realized I had a possible market.


Growing up, I noticed how my mom's work attire always included popping colors and bold accessories. She helped me understand that business styling can be more than greys, blues, and blacks. I learned to incorporate a lot of different elements in my styling that would make anyone think twice about business styling being "boring" and limited. Fashion is meant to inspire and convey a message to the intended audience. I focus on styling black women because that's where I am inspired the most. I focus specifically on black business women because I noticed that we are a neglected market within the personal styling industry.


The purpose of C Suite Styling is to empower and embrace black women in business. To help women create an environment where they - and ultimately we- can thrive together. Generational success is no longer an option for our community.


The term "C Suite" is used to describe a corporation's most important senior executives such as a CEO or CFO. I want the women I dress to feel like they're the chief executive of everything in their life.


Welcome to the C Suite!

Reagan Campbell